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Optimal conditions: On 30 state-of-the-art CNC long-turning lathes and lathing and milling centres with up to 12 axes, we manufacture complex turned parts of highest quality.
From small to medium to large lot sizes. mWe cover a diameter range from 0.5 to 32 mm.

Different kinds of materials: As regards materials, we offer you a wide variety. Our selection includes titanium, special alloys, stainless steels, free-cutting steels, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

High manufacturing depth - inhouse: Our service portfolio includes sliding surface grinding, polishing, sandblasting, laser welding, passivating, centreless cylindrical grinding, anodising of titanium, component assembly, engraving, coloured inscriptions and markings as well as packaging.

And even more: In the fields of hardening, galvanising and laser marking we have been cooperating for a long time with reliable, external partners.

Full service: We support your project right from the start - in terms of design, construction and drafting.

Manufacturing highlights: Cutting threads, hexagon sockets and TORX from size 0.7 mm


To us, sustainability is not a trend but an operational principle which we have defined for a responsible use of resources and for the management of the environment.

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Company history

Right from the start, research and development as well as willingness to innovate have been in the focus of all business activitites at the company Josef Ganter Feinmechanik.

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